Here are selected articles from my work as a writer:

Published on WeAreTeachers 

How to be a Truly Great Teaching Mentor

11 Strategies to Turn Every Reader into a Close Reader

A Guide to Social Media for Educators

Dos and Don’ts for a 1-1 Classroom

Great Books, Great Discussions Conducting Student-Centered Discussions

What is Theme Anyway? Strategies for Teaching Theme in Language Arts

13 Ways to Improve Discussion

Published on

Common Core State Standards: What Parents Need to Know

Published in Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine 

Strategies to Maximize Your Instruction

Too Much of a Good Thing? about praise and rewards in school

Smart and Bored

Published in Scholastic’s Administrator Magazine 

Schools to the Rescue about community services in schools

Change the Menu about healthy food in schools

Published in the Chicago Tribune

Organizing around Art about community organizing groups in the aftermath of the first Obama presidential campaign

Spring Break Brings Howard University Group to Chicago article about volunteer work to address violence

Published in the Detroit Metro Times 

Body and Soul article about the Fisher Body plant in Detroit Michigan

Gone Batty article about bats in the Detroit area

Fowl Talk a profile of a turkey farmer

Across the Board a profile of a chess player

Published in Marie Claire Magazine 

Why I Want a Gun on Campus article about concealed carry on campuses

Published in The Washington Post 

A Special Challenge essay about teaching special education and a transcript from an online discussion with readers