About Samantha

My first memory as a reader: I was in elementary school, at a friend’s house for the afternoon. At the time, I was an avid reader of The Babysitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin. It was a bright, sunny day outside, but I had settled myself on my friend’s bed, frantically reading one of the few Babysitter Club books that I didn’t already own. My friend had left me, knowing that I would emerge when I was finished with the book, hopefully before the sun set.

As a teacher, that was the experience that I wanted my students to have with reading. I wanted them to find books so appealing that they would put everything aside to finish just one more page. Now, as a parent, that’s the kind of love of books that I’m working to give my daughter, one board book at a time.

I have worked as a special education teacher, instructional coach, and school leadership coach.  I hold a PhD in special education with a focus on literacy intervention from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and currently work as an education consultant in Charlotte, NC. I developed and now work to promote Active Reading, a way to read with children rather than to them. My book about Active Reading, Read With Me (co-written with Munro Richardson) is slated for publication January 2019.