Active Reading

Active Reading is an evidence-based way to engage young children (ages 2-5) in high quality picture books to build language and early literacy skills. When we read WITH children (instead of reading TO them) and engage them in the ABCs of Active Reading, children learn important language skills, build strong vocabularies, and gain knowledge and a lifelong love of reading.

Active Reading can be summed up in the ABCs:


(Video produced by Read Charlotte)

As the research assistant with Read Charlotte, I conducted the research, created the program, and spearheaded the pilot and initial roll-out of Active Reading across Mecklenburg County. I worked with local organizations to implement design thinking and NIRN implementation science to disseminate Active Reading through library workshops. I also co-wrote Read with Me: Engaging Your Young Child in Active Reading with Munro Richardson, executive director of Read Charlotte. Now, I’m working to bring Active Reading, and all it’s benefits, to counties across North Carolina and the U.S.

What does Active Reading mean for parents and caregivers?

(Video produced by Read Charlotte)

(Video produced by Read Charlotte)

Interested in partnering with Samantha to bring Active Reading to your area? Contact me below.





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