New School Year Resolutions

In writing this blog post, Be Extraordinary for WeAreTeachers, I found myself reflecting back to my first years of teaching, when I felt exhausted and, well, burnt out. For me, and for many of my teacher friends, the feeling of burn out came mostly from feeling like a failure. Teaching is one of those jobs where you feel like you’re constantly performing a series of experiments on the children sitting in front of you and, when every moment matters, there’s no time to fail.

Fortunately for me, I was able to develop as a special education teacher, get my groove, learn what I hadn’t known the first time around, and continue teaching with a renewed sense of purpose, new strategies, and success. Part of this definitely came from working in a school where I was given freedom to try new things, had coworkers who helped push my thinking, and found my niche within special education.

A new school year is starting in a few weeks and it’s at this point in the year that I start thinking what I want to accomplish (work in education long enough and August becomes the new January). This year, with some projects already in the pipeline, I’m focusing on expanding my writing and solidifying my close reading know-how. Heading into back-to-school, what do you want to accomplish? What’s your new-school-year resolution?

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